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Done with drugstore and ready for our Dior concealer review? So are we! Dior brings us luxury in a bottle and we’re willing to oblige – and review. I am a fan of drugstore makeup, but I am even more of a fan of brands that overpromise and truly deliver. To find out if this…Continue Reading

Done with drugstore and ready for our Dior concealer review? So are we! Dior brings us luxury in a bottle and we’re willing to oblige – and review.

I am a fan of drugstore makeup, but I am even more of a fan of brands that overpromise and truly deliver. To find out if this high-end concealer is one of them, continue reading.

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We Try and Review the Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer So You Don’t Have To



a-young-woman-applies-a-concealer-under-the-eyes | dior makeup

First, let’s talk about consistency. The formula of the concealer is lightweight and creamy, and feels like nothing on your skin! Dior Concealer Review blends into the skin easily and beautifully, giving you a skin-like finish.

The description on the website boasts full coverage, but I would categorize it under buildable, medium coverage for a natural complexion. And I think it’s even better.

A few dots of Dior Concealer Review onto your skin will give you just enough coverage to conceal your blemishes, but won’t leave your complexion dull and lackluster. The weakness of most full-coverage products is that they tend to wash you out, but this concealer does none of that. It might also have something to do with the finish.

The finish is slightly dewy, but not too shiny. I love that incandescent glow it leaves your complexion with, making your skin glow with a healthy radiance.

The concealer is blended with wild pansy that the brand claims will smooth and moisturize your skin. I’m a fan of anything lightweight, so being able to skip my morning moisturizer is a large bonus!

Shade Range

makeup brush on tone cream smear on white background | undereye concealer

The makeup concealer offers 30 shades, ranging from a deep tan to very fair. But after reviewing new industry standards, there’s just one critique I have to make against the Dior Concealer Review.

While 30 seems to be a relatively large number and I’ve heard praises about the payoff and beautiful tone, the brand doesn’t offer much for dark skin tones.

Dior may have taken into consideration cool, neutral, warm, and even olive tones. However, in today’s more enlightened beauty industry, offering few medium and deep tones seems amiss.

Dior Concealer Applicator

doe-foot-applicator-next-to-tube-of-creamy-concealer-high-cover-to-conceal-spots-blemishes | Dior makeup

The doe-foot applicator comes a bit larger with this Dior concealer.

It’s small enough to spot correct but large enough to swipe on as a foundation. Especially when you angle your applicator sideways, it can cover larger areas if you want full-face coverage.

My issue with most doe-foot concealer applicators is that they’re quite small. And when you try to cover larger areas, you may end up applying too much in one section. This could your makeup look heavy and the c-word – cakey.

It seems to me like Dior has thought this through so that we don’t have to. The joys of makeup are when we’re able to apply it without much thought. Effortless beauty and perfection in a bottle.

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shopping cart next to a laptop | best concealer

Now let’s review if this Dior concealer is worth your pretty penny.

Yes, the luxury brand comes with a luxury price. But what I also consider to be a luxury is a quality product that doubles as concealer and foundation, and also a skincare hybrid!

Let’s compare it with another luxury beauty favorite – the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.

  • Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer – $36, 11mL
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – $30, 6mL

With Dior, you’re paying $3.3 per mL, while you’re shelling out $5 per mL with Nars. Whether the quality justifies a higher price tag depends entirely on your budget and preference.

But the moisturizer/concealer/foundation hybrid I get from Dior actually helps me save on additional makeup and skincare. Not to mention the time I’m saving by skipping two other steps. I’m sold!

In the end price is relative and there are lots of us that are just as happy with drugstore heroes. But what I’ve mentioned are a few things you need to consider when purchasing makeup.

There’s a large difference between buying one $30 concealer versus buying multiple $10 drugstore concealers until you find the right one. Yes, even browsing drugstore brands can come at a premium.

Wear Test

pink and white alarm clock | concealer for oily skin

I have sensitive, combination skin. On good skin days, my skin may even fall in the normal category. However on worse days, my skin can be easily irritated.

This Dior concealer review fell on a good skin day for me.

The concealer wears well throughout the day without falling into fine lines or drying. It even brightened my complexion, leaving my skin perfected but natural. Finally, a concealer that does as promised!

Keep in mind, however, that your paint, no matter how good the quality, is only as good as the canvas.

Those with problematic skin may have to take some additional precautions. Hyaluronic acid during winter can help flaking and drying at bay. A good setting powder and spray can keep makeup on even oily skin types.

Dior Concealer Review: Love It or Leave It?

woman prone lying on mattress | high end makeup

I love it!

This could be a great moisturizer-concealer for dry skin, and a great perfecting concealer for oily skin.

What many don’t know is that oily skin types can also benefit from moisturizers. It may help balance and strengthen oily skin and help regulate your oiliness over time.

That said, it’s also a great concealer for combi skin types like me. I’m totally dependent on my moisturizer and it’s great to find a product that treats and perfects at the same time.

If you’ve got spare cash, this is a bang for your buck. It will last you months before you’ve finished a tube and you’re saving money on moisturizer and foundation.

The only problem I have with this Dior concealer is that it hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet on what a shade range should look like.

Overall, I give this product a 4.5 out of 5 and a 100%-add-to-cart rating!

Honest answers only. Did you like the Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer or should we review something else for you? Could this be your new holy grail item or are we sticking to our OG drugstore picks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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